Friendly, nerdy, cat lady who loves to drink good beer, eat good food and watch superhero movies



So many people have been telling me to write a blog for years, they may soon regret that. 🙂

For the past few years I have been passionate about good craft beer, especially that which comes out of Toronto and Ontario. This is something people have been telling me or in fact asking me to write a blog about, my reply was always, “everyone and their uncle has a blog”, while this may be true I suppose they all stand out in their own unique ways.

Im a huge beer snob and maybe even a beer weenie as they call it, but I am not one of those people who talk about everything from tasting notes, nose, aftertaste, hop profile, IBU’s, backbone and all that other nerdy lingo that occasionally I do appreciate, but its just not me.

Although I can describe what I am tasting in the beer, we all have our own unique and complex palettes, and unless you are a beer nerd like myself I usually leave out a huge explanation of the beer. What I am good at is recommending a beer I know the individual will like, enjoy and even love, food pairing, and over all mood and feelings I get off the beer, kinda like a back story to a character you are developing.

I developed a very good palette and taste from working as a professional cook for many years, although I am no longer slaving away in the kitchens, I do continue to cook at home and eat out a lot and am constantly learning more about food and flavour. All of this has helped me with my passion for beer and quality, and longing for dedication in the craft.

I also love seeking out new and cool bars, trying every new beer I can get my hands on, and had just this past week started making my own beer with my partner, which I’m so excited for.

As I get better and more comfortable blogging, I’m sure I will have more to say along the road.
Cheers to good beers, and happy days.